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Quietly Appreciating – Forgotten Performance Cars

These two that I am about to cover, are cars that I have always loved – but have a tendency to be a bit ‘Marmite’ in their aesthetics. They are at very different ends of the financial scale, thus perfectly demonstrating the Carsourcing methodology can work within all budgets.

First up, the Porsche 928. A car, that upon it’s launch in 1978 must have looked incredibly futuristic and I think is actually beginning to look better with age.

The spread of prices in the classifieds is incredibly broad, ranging from £2,900 for an 1982 S2 to £20,000 for a 1995 GTS for an example with over 100,000 miles on the clock. Whilst it seems that prices for low mileage, looked after models are slowly rising due to the short supply on the market – it is worth noting that they are capable of administering wallet crippling attacks, thanks to their very complex and ageing design. Still, if you do your research and buy carefully, you will have your hands on a classic in the making.


Next up, the nearly impossible to find BMW Z8. Despite the fact that 5,703 were built between 1999 and 2003 and a list price of over £100,000, the Z8 seems to be a car that early speculators were clambering to get their hands on. (A term used for individuals that would buy a new car on the basis demand will be high and a profit will be certain when all examples have sold out – similar in a way to a ticket tout). However, prices never took off in a way that you’d expect of a low volume, powerful and stylish roadster.

However, it seems that there still may be chance to cash in on the Z8. It wont be a short term win, but with only a handful for sale in the country fi you buy it, keep the mileage sensible, there will certainly be profits to be made.


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